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I developed skills that I use on an ongoing basis... I have techniques to  set personal goals - time planning and positive thinking.  I am more self-aware, self-appreciatve and proactive

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Career coaching supports you to explore all the options, so many people pursue a career that is unsuitable or unfulfilling. They persevere with it even though they are not content and discontentment does not confine itself to your work, it can permeate your whole life.


Among my clients are individuals who:

  • Are both Young and Mature

  • Are unsure what direction to take

  • Experience dissatisfaction within their work

  • Wish to enhance their Interview preparation and techniques

  • Formulate a plan to pursue career goals and ambiitions

Career Coaching

Self-Help Toolkit Course  

Do you want to ...

  • Focus on a new career direction ?

  • Explore options and possibilities ?

  • Identify your skills and talents ?

  • Pursue a career that is more fulfilling ?

  • Gain clarity and direction in what you want to achieve in your career ?

  • Build motivation to succeed ?

  • Make you CV sharp and clear  ?

  • Have good interview preparation techniques ?


    If the answer is YES - Career Coaching may be the answer for you.

Personal Coaching

Personal Development  


Eileen Mc Gonigle

About You Unlimited

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Relax Attacks !


Relaxation Therapy

The fee per Coaching session lasting one and a half hours is €60


Fee for Career Coaching

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Through personal coaching with Eileen

I developed a sense of clarity and belief in my ability to create the life I want..

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with ...Eileen Mc Gonigle

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