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... you pushed me just enough..I learned a lot about myself.  You were practical and helped me re-build at a very stressful and turbulent time.  Thank You

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What Clients Say

  • Working with me will enable you to explore options and possibilities not previously considered.  As a coach I don't provide the answers: I help draw out your potential to make lasting changes into the future.  I will challenge and invite you to be really clear about what you want from your life

  • For coaching to work, you must be open, willing and ready: for what you put in, is what you get out.  You are responsiible for your achievements

  • I will challenge you to follow through and support you in doing so

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LifeCoaching ...a confidential Service 


Are you:

Struggling to make changes & not know how ?

At a crossroads in your life  & confused about where you are going ?

Want to take more control of your life ?

Do you need to evaluate the relationships in your life ?

Are there obstacles that prevent you getting the most from your life ?

In your Personal life are there issues that nag and nag ?

For your Career do you need to explore more options &  possibilities ?


                       If the answer is YES - Coaching may be the answer for You.


Personal Coaching

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Eileen Mc Gonigle

About You Unlimited

Donegal Town

Co. Donegal



Personal Development

The cost per coaching session lasting one and a half hours is €60


Fee for LifeCoaching

Clients vary from:

  • People who want to gain more control

  • Evaluate and Improve their relationships

  • Learn to manage stress                          

  • Explore career options 



Career Coaching

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... She has provided me with the practical tools for dealing with problems of time management, work stress and negativity, which I still use when the need arises because they always work.

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