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What Clients Say

  • Working with me on a one to one basis allows you to tailor the sessions to your needs exclusively.

  • Life will never be stress free, but your response to stress is the part you can manage and control.

  • We all react differently, so learn techniques and strategies that give you a better sense of being in control, and therefore calmer and more relaxed.

  • This is a lasting method and approach.

Relaxation  Therapy

Do you want to:

  • Have relaxation sessions on a one to one basis ?

  • Learn the techniques that YOU need to live an easier life ?

  • Manage and control stress and your response to it ?

  • Use Breathing techniques to reduce anxiety ?

  • Learn Progressive Relaxation to soften and lighten your body ?





Eileen Mc Gonigle

About You Unlimited

Donegal Town

Co. Donegal



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Fee for Relaxation Therapy

I would definitely recommend this course. Eileen has a lovely style, but is challenging. Not just airy fairy theory - she gave us homework so we could practice the skills discussed.


Eileen I enjoyed the course - very good common sense approach.

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The fee for one to one Private Relaxation session is €40 and is one hour in duration