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Eileen's Yoga classes have become a "must" - part of my life.  The sense of relaxation I get from each class after a very busy week is excellent.

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Class delivered in a professional friendly manner by an expert. Definitely recommend to people of all ages.  Yoga for life.

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Eileen Mc Gonigle

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Donegal Town

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Each Yoga Class includes :

  • Short opening Meditation

  • Stretches

  • Breathing

  • Yoga Poses

  • Relaxation

              CLASS TIMES


Niall Mór Centre

8 week morning course

Fee is €50

Starts Thursday 14th November  2019

9.30am 10.45 am

Mixed Ability  & Beginners Welcome


        Donegal Town                   

Donegal Family Resource Centre

Main Street, Donegal Town

5 Week Morning Course Fee is €50


Morning Class 

Starts Wednesday 113th November 2019

10.30am - 11.45am

Mixed Gender & Ability & Beginners are welcome


5 Week Evening Course Fee is €50

Evening Classes

Thursday  14th November  2019

8.pm class

Mixed Gender & Ability



















             Yoga 5 Week Course & Fee is €50 payable at the 1st class

Enrolment is by contacting me directly please on Mobile 086 844 3838